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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Camping Fun!

Well we went camping AGAIN. This time it was up in the Uinta's with Justin's sister, her husband and her 3 boys. Also my brother Kyle came. We all had a great time!
My dad let us take his Truck and Trailer up to stay in, which i prefer better then staying in a tent. THANKS DAD!! We also had a canoe that Justin's boss let us borrow. Although it was a pain getting into the trailer because it was 16 ft. long, we managed to get it up there.

We had a great time fishing and paddling the nephews around in it. Although we didn't catch anything except the minnow of a fish justin caught just messing around, we still had fun TRYING. We also were able to take our bikes up, so we went for a little ride around the campsite and played in the river. Justin and Kyle were the only one's to get in because the water was FREEZING cold! Kyle got in up to his waist, and Justin only to his ankles because standing in there for less than 30 seconds made his feet go numb. I guess that's just the Uinta's for ya.

Dylan and Carson were so excited when they got there on Saturday because they were going to have a 'sleepover' with us in our trailer. They kept asking... "Is it time for bed yet?!"

Then when it was time to go in the trailer and settle down Dylan, Carson and Kyle kept wrestling. We couldn't get them to calm down for probably a good 45 minutes. But they slept sound through the whole night.

We took some adorable pictures of the kids in this meadow of flowers right next to the sight we stayed at. Tanna (Brenda's Dog) loved just sitting in the flowers and chewing on her stick. It was a priceless picture. This is the CUTEST picture! I love it!

Carson absolutely loves his sword! He wanted to take a picture with it!!

After a long fun weekend we were all so tired. Kyle and I fell asleep on the way home, but after Evanston, WY I woke up and found Kyle sound asleep in the back. We had tons of fun, but i got so sunburned on my legs that the pain was horrible for about 4 days. Of course there are no pictures of me because i'm always behind the camera. But that's okay... sometimes I don't look that great :) Especially Camping!