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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gotta love the Dr.'s Office

30 Weeks 4 Days Pregnant

Today I went in for my first Non-Stress Test. They made it sound like such a breeze and that it would only take 20 minutes. No big deal right?


Today's appointment was a JOKE. I was so frustrated by the time I left, I felt like crying. It went like this:

Arrive at the office at 8:45. Sit in the waiting room until 9:30. Finally they take me back to a bed and they lay me down and strap 3 monitors on my belly. One for Baby A's heartbeat, one for Baby B's heartbeat and one to monitor if I'm having contractions. I think they fussed with the stupid monitors for about an hour. We were picking up a steady heart rate from Baby A. But Baby B is so low on my right side that they couldn't get a steady reading and they were afraid they were confusing it with my heartbeat. So after an hour of fussing with the monitors, they decided they would just do a bio-physical. A bio-physical is where they monitor the baby for 30 minutes and watch (not listen) for 4 things: Fetal heartbeat, Fetal Breathing, Two big movements (like full body movements) and two little movements (like hands and feet). So they moved me to another bed, with all that goo still on my tummy so we could get the ultrasound going. Well they usually record the bio-physicals for their records, but the DVD player thing wasn't cooperating, so they moved me to another bed. At first that DVD player wasn't cooperating, but after some messing around they got it to work. So we thought we were good to go, then they turn on the ultrasound machine and... It's not working right. UGH! Finally they just decided that they would send me into another room where they have the big ultrasound machines to do the bio-physical. So... we wipe off the goo and head down the hall. We started and I layed there and we just watched... and watched... and watched. Then after about 10 minutes I started to get light headed and REALLY HOT. All the pressure on my back was cutting off the circulation to my heart, so then I had to turn onto my left side, but still continued to watch and monitor. We were waiting for Fetal breathing cause we'd see the heartbeat, and two big movements. After 25 minutes of waiting, and thinking he wouldn't pass his breathing we started to see his chest expand and contract! IT WAS SO COOL! He passed with flying colors. Then we saw the two small fetal movements, and we were done. Phew... 8 out of 10! Thank goodness (after 2 1/2 hours of trying...)

After that I was tired, frustrated and hungry to say the least!

So I finished that up around 11:30. I was only 2 hours late for my appointment with Dr. L. But luckily it happens all the time, so they understood. They got me back within about 10 minutes and the nurse asked me to leave a urine sample like usual. Ok, no big deal! So I go into the bathroom and sit down on the toilet, pee, stand up and flush.. then I realize, Oh crap... I was suppose to catch some in the cup!!!!! I totally felt like crying right then and there in the bathroom. I'm such an idiot! So I washed my hands... stepped out of the bathroom and had to tell the nurse that I went... but didn't collect a sample. I felt so embarrassed! She laughed and said it was totally fine! But then Dr. L came in the room and said "have you been having trouble going to the restroom lately?" I looked at her strange and said "No..." She said "Oh, well my assistant told me that you didn't leave a urine sample today." I laughed and said "Well if I would have remembered to catch it in the cup, I would have left one" Haha! It was funny.

Then I laid down on the table and she took out her measuring tape to measure my belly. Her eyes got really big, and she said "38 weeks... wow" she put her measuring tape back in her pocket, then got it back out and had to check again to make sure she didn't do it wrong! HAHA! So yep... If i were having one baby my belly would measure at 38 weeks right now. That right there is how big I really am! Two weeks ago, I was only 34 weeks! Then she checked my cervix... Still closed and strong! YAY!

I didn't leave the hospital until 12:15... It was the longest appointment of my life. I sooo badly wanted to go home and crawl into bed after a morning like that. But unfortunately I had to stop and get some lunch really quick and go straight to work. I was SO grumpy when I got to work. But now the day has gotten a little bit better.

My parents are getting on a plane right now to go to Arizona to see my Sister and new nephew Tate. Gosh, he's cute. I am in love with this baby!
I really wish I were going. That would be so much fun! But I get to play Easter bunny for my little brother this weekend. He's not so little. None of us kids are anymore...He's 18, but he's still my baby brother. I'm excited!

Hopefully my NST next week will go a lot better!


Jeff and Tat said...

Ha ha sorry about the appointment, that long in the doctors is miserable. That is so funny you forgot to pee in the cup though!! That cracks me up. I'm glad the twins are doing good!