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Monday, July 5, 2010

Still Here, Dreams and 4th of July

Hi Everyone.
I'm pretty much lame. And I'm sorry. I've been such a slacker at posting. It's hard when the only Internet we have at home is the Internet from my cell phone plugged into the computer. It's SUPER slow! I do have some pictures to post tho! So I'll get them up soon.
I just have to talk about a dream I had last night that has stuck with me all day...
As most of you know, my brother Marcus has been gone on his mission for almost a month now. He's at the MTC learning Spanish to prepare for his mission in San Fernando California. It's weird that he's so close, yet... so far away. At first when he left, yes I cried. The first days were pretty sad. I didn't cry much but I thought about him A LOT! It just seemed like he was going on a vacation and he'd be back soon. But he's not. This dream I had last night was me missing him. A Lot. Cause I do. I just remember seeing him, hugging him cause I had missed him.
Anyway. Maybe I'm just super emotional right now, I dunno but I do know that he's out there for the right reason! And that he's going to touch so many lives :) That makes me happy! He sent home and SD card with pictures on it. I'll post pictures on his blog soon!
I love the 4th of July. It's the best month EVER! I love the sounds, smells, activities, spending time with family and having fun! This 4th was great! Ever day on and around the 4th was a celebration. My brother-in-law and nephew came up for the 4th this year. It was sad tho cause my sister had to stay home alone :( I miss her. My BIL and nephew came to the Eaglewood fireworks with us on Saturday. That was fun! I love fireworks! And we had a BBQ with family Sunday night and I made a USA cake. Yummy! Today we went swimming with friends and cousins. I now look like a lobster! Haha!

I love July! It's awesome! I'll post some pictures soon!!


Carly said...

I LOVE what you've done with your blog! Where did you find that darling font?!? XOXO!

Brandon and Vanessa said...

Can you please help me make a icon like yours with the cupcake and your name on it? I cant figure it out. let me know thanks. cute cakes by the way.

Kara Lynn said...

Hey Em!! Just wanted to let you know I had to delete my blog. I am starting a new one though... I just created it and haven't started it yet, but if you want to check it out