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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Did you know...

I got this idea from a friend, Jalene. There are so many things we just don't really know about each other!
I can pinch with my toes?
Icecream is my weakness?
I am terrified of Earthquakes?
I have bad anxiety?
I am the pickiest eater? I hate eggs, ham, turkey, tomatoes and so much more!
But I want to go to Culinary arts school?
I went to district in the 6th grade science fair for my project on antibubbles?
I was ran over by a car when I was 3 cause I climbed in by myself, put it in neutral, it scared me so i tried to get out and the door hit me and it rolled over my right leg and off my left shoulder?... and No broken bones!
I'm a germ-o-phoebe? I have 2 bottles of hand sanitizer in my purse, in my desk, at home... everywhere!
I hate scary movies?
I was a lifeguard at Farmington city pool? Probably my favorite job ever!
I do my make up at work, every morning? Not something I'm proud of!!
There's nothing I love more than fresh pineapple?
I broke my collar bone rollerblading in a cemetery?
I swam with sharks in the Caribbean? Only for about 6 seconds... then i hyperventilated
Justin & I were born 9 days apart? I beat him... and our parents were best friends growing up!
I played the violin? Still wish i did!
I was a member of the Farmington Youth City Council for 3 years?
I did an internship at the Living Planet Aquarium? I wanted to be a marine biologist... In Utah? Yeah not anymore.
I got my middle name for my 8th birthday? Allison, I wrote it on all my school paperwork and my teacher would get mad. So my mom & aunt decided to make it official.
I once asked my uncle if he had a rock in his stomach? I was young OK... I miss him tho, I wish i knew him better.
I miss my grandma? She was the greatest, I miss her chips & cheese!
I took sewing & ceramics all 3 years of high school?
Me & my best friend Brittney wrote notes back and forth to each other when we were young and we'd hide them in each others bushes everyday?
My sister and I didn't get a long when we were growing up? She knew exactly how to tease me
My sister is my best friend? Now I wish she lived closer! :(
Me and my brothers & sister use to tie each other up in our play room and turn off the lights and close the door and leave them there? The game was to untie yourself and then go seek for the others! Last person found was "it"!
I use to keep a whistle by my bed when I was young & I drew up a emergency exit and meeting place map for my family? Told you I had anxiety.
My sister & I use to sing..."I must, I must, I must increase my bust, in fear, in fear the boys might disappear" every night before bed? HAHA!
I don't like spiders? or bears?
I don't like swimming in lakes? I feel like the fishies are going to bite me, and I don't know where the bottom is!
I once swam all the way across Kaysville Pond? Crazy... I know!
I don't like reading? But I love English and grammar?
I use to sneak out of the house with Justin through a window in our garage?
I am so blessed? I am the luckiest girl, I have so much in my life and I'm thankful for all the hardships and trials that have just made me stronger!
Thanks to my family, friends & loved ones for being a good example to me!


Kara Lynn said...

I always like to get to know you better :) And everytime I do I find more we have in common. Like getting hit by a car. And I also wanted to be a marine biologist :) I actually had all the paperwork to go down to CA for school when I graduated but that changed when I got hit by the car because it broke my back. And the story about your middle name is great!!
Do you actually know Jalene? I LOVE her blog!!