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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Camping in Yuba Lake -- Again

We had another chance to go down to Yuba Lake again this summer. This time it was with most of our friends, and we didn't have a boat. Also we stayed just outside of the painted rocks campground so we had a little bit more freedom; no quiet time, Duke didn't have to be on a leash, and more privacy!

We had so much fun, Bret & Ryan missed out on all the fun... but Me, Justin, Lindsay, Justin, Steve, Zack & Kiley were able to go. So we packed up on Friday and left around 4:00pm

When we got to camp we got all set up and then made hamburgers, hot dogs & corn on the cob for dinner. YUM! Then we hung out by the fire, made some marshmallows then Me, Linds, Steve and Zack played a grueling game of Ticket to Ride. Poor Linds got all ganged up on, but she still played a good fight!

That night we stayed up until at least 3am just laughing, talking and having fun. So we went to bed, woke up Saturday and headed down to the Lake to swim! Steve and Kiley had to leave early on Saturday to get back home so they didn't get in the water.

The best part of swimming was Duke. He LOVES swimming. We've never actually taken him somewhere where he can just be free and swim, so we never really knew if he liked it. But he jumped right in and swam all afternoon! It was the cutest thing!

All worn out.
In the water we played some catch, just relaxed and had a little talk with the ranger. I guess when you are on the beach the dog has to be on a 6ft leash at all times! Whether in the water or out... Lame! So we put the leash on Duke and he started whining cause he felt like he couldn't swim with it on, it made him nervous. So we broke the rules a little and waited for the ranger to go away, then let him loose!

What a cute cute couple :o)

Then on Sunday, we just hung out mostly in the trailer, played some games, took a nap then packed up to go home. It was fun!

Thanks friends for making it such a fun time!

NEXT DESIRED TRIP: Sea World!! {Wouldn't that be nice?!?}


Carly said...

Oh boy oh boy! Pick me pick me. Wouldn't that be awesome if you guys drove down here, spent a day or two here, and then all of us headed to Sea World for a day or two??? I think Lincoln would LOVE it. That would be the perfect getaway. I have a week off in October lol... Here's to dreaming right?