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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New member of Ballantyne Family!

Hello!! Last week Justin's mom and dad bought a Horse! She is a 6 year old Mare from Odgen, Ut. with a copper coat. She has been so much fun for us! It's been some extra work, just like having another child around, but it has been worth it! We have been out there every night (With the exception of Sunday) to see her and help her get familiar with her new home.

After much deliberation, I think we have decided to name her Penny. Cindy chose it because when you take a copper penny and put it against her fur, it blends in pretty well. I think it is a good name for her.

Penny is in a corral with 2 other horses, Chamber & Abby (Not pictured). Abby has been dehydrated so she had to go to stable. She's been there over the weekend but should be home today. Chamber is about the same color as Penny, only with the white stripe on his nose. He is twitterpated over her! He loves to follow her everywhere! Last night we had to lock him up in the back pasture while we rode her just so he wouldn't get in the way. While he was back there he stood right next to the fence and then he would get so worked up cause he wanted to be with her that he would gallop around the pasture kicking his back legs and farting! It was one of the funniest things I've seen! We all got a good laugh out of it. Chamber is the most friendly horse i have ever met. He licks up and down Justin's arms (Although he broke out in hives -- he's never doing that again) and he lays his head on your shoulder. I got some cute pictures of him with Justin.
Penny has been doing so good with the saddle and people on her back. She hasn't been completely broke because she was just a pasture horse up in Ogden. She is a little bit stubborn and doesn't rein very well but she's getting the hang of it.

Gary Strapping the saddle on

We all got a chance to ride her. Even our good friend Bret!

Penny got the work out of her life, Justin and I were sneezing from allergies and Chamber was sick of being in the pasture alone. So we called it a night. Cindy bought some brown and pink boots to ride the horse with but they ended up not fitting so she let me have them! (Of course we paid her for them) They are cute, I'm not use to having real cowboy boots yet, but i think they are fun to have! Hopefully we won't turn too much into Cowboys!