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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Story

The beginning of our lives together:

Justin and I have known each other for several years. We met in Brother Roe's seminary class at Viewmont High School in our sophomore year. While in our seminary class we were learning about service. We were asked to draw a name and do an act of service for that person. Somehow, through fate I assume, Justin chose my name. That day walking out the door he held the door open for me and said 'Hello'. I remember smiling at him, bashfully saying a little 'hello, and thank you' and continuing on with my day.
That night we went home and got on MSN messenger and we ended up talking for a long time finding out some interesting facts about our parents and our pasts.
We found out that my dad and Justin's dad grew up together from the age of 5 years old in Farmington. They lived right around the corner from each other and would cause enough trouble to give both of their mother's gray hair. (No wonder both of our dad's already have gray hair, now we know where we get our rebellious sides from (: )
Then we found out that our mom's knew each other in St. George. Justin's mom hung out with my Aunt Janell so my mom knew Cindy pretty well. Then they went off and got married, Janee & Larry and Cindy & Gary. A few years later my mom and Justin's mom got pregnant at the same time with me and Justin.
Both due on November 5th, 1987 and not knowing the gender, my dad called Gary and Cindy on November 7th, 1987 saying "We Won! We had a girl!", Emily Allison Shepherd.
Justin's parents were bummed that they hadn't won, but 9 days later on November 16th, 1987 Justin David Ballantyne was born. So technically we have known each other our whole lives and we just had no idea!
When we were about 14 or 15 years old we had the same doctor, Dr. Calabrese. I remember going to the doctor and seeing Justin and his mom. (Justin was probably there for an Asthma check-up) My mom and his mom talked for what seemed like forever, and I sat there in my head thinking "Oh, he is cute".
After our mothers finally got done talking I remember asking my mom who he was and telling her I thought he was cute. Little did we know where we would be about 6 years later.
Justin and I dated on and off through high school, hanging out with the same ole' group of friends, and shortly found out that we can't live without each other. We were married on December 30th, 2006.

We currently live in Bountiful in a small apartment that is perfect for the two of us. We are both currently working full time jobs. I work for America West Bank and Justin works for a good family friend in his parents ward, Dean Hanson with Hanson Homes.
Justin and I love going camping, fishing, boating and love spending time with our friends! We also love catching a movie or going out to dinner for a little date night out together.


Cody and Carly said...

You two are perfect for each other. Isn't it weird that you knew each other forever, but never really knew each other? It was a sign. Love you guys!